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Photoshop’s Linear Light

The Linear Light blending mode is a combination of Linear Burn and Linear Dodge—but similar to Vivid Light, the combination gives slightly different results.

I created an example similar to the one in the last blog. The bottom image has two layers, one set to Linear Dodge and the other set to Linear Burn. In the top image, the same rectangles were combined on one layer and set to Linear Light. The lighter color does brighten the base layer considerably—but not as much as Linear Dodge does; the dark color doesn’t darken the base layer as much as Linear Burn does.

Photoshop's Linear Light 1

I like using Linear Light to overlay text (or line art) on top of an image for a neat watermark effect. I first add text in a medium grey color (#939393):

Photoshop's Linear Light 2

I set this top layer to Linear Light and get this result:

Photoshop's Linear Light 3