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Photoshop Patterns


You MUST know these patterns before you start your own website because these patterns are just the bases of the more advanced patterns. This tutorial also features the Scanlines illuminated…

These are the basic photoshop-patterns that nobody can live without!

  • Note: I’m gonna teach you how to make the 6 most famous and most-used patterns and how to add them!

    N.1 This is the dotted pattern wich we will start by creating a 3×3 document and placing a black dot with the pencil-tool in the middle.
    As for all patterns we need to go to Edit>Define Pattern to save it!

    N.2 This pattern is made by creating a 5×5 document and draw a stairway from the upper left corner to the lower right with the pencil-tool.

    N.3 Just do the same as you did with N.2 or just go to Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontal if you’re just as lazy as I am 🙂

    N.4 Start this pattern by making a 10×10 document.
    It’s kind of the same as N.2 and N.3 but it gets you bigger lines wich is sometimes very handy!
    Again, if you want it the other way around, flip it…

    N.5 Create a 5×5 document and create a cube with a hole in it.
    It may look crap right now but if you look at orb N.5, you’ll see that is gives sweet results!

    N.6 Scanlines. I covered them in a different tutorial, but it’s very simple.
    Just create a 3×1 or 1×3 document and try to make it the same as my image down…


Author        :  MICK MOOLHUIJSEN 
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