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Photoshop Elements 2 Toolbar

Photoshop Elements 2 Toolbar


1) Rectangular marquee
   1a) Elliptical marquee
2) Lasso
   2a) Polygonal lasso
   2b) Magnetic lasso
3) Selection Brush
4) Custom Shape
   4a) Rectangle
   4b) Rounded Rectangle
   4c) Ellipse
   4d) Polygon
   4e) Line
   4f) Shape Selection
5) Paint bucket
6) Brush
7) Eraser
   7a) Background Eraser
   7b) Magic Eraser
8) Blur
9) Sponge
10) Dodge
11) Clone stamp
   11a) Pattern stamp
12) Hand
13) Foreground color
14) Default colors
15) Move
16) Magic wand
17) Crop

18) Type
19) Gradient
20) Pencil
21) Red eye brush
22) Sharpen
23) Smudge
24) Burn
25) Eyedropper
26) Zoom
27) Switch colors
28) Background color

Please note – If you double click on the little blue band at the very top of the toolbar, it will collapse to show only that blue band and the Adobe eye icon. To reopen the toolbar, double click again on the blue band (not the Adobe icon). Some Elements users have had difficulty figuring out what happened to their toolbar.

To navigate through this Tools section, start by clicking either on a text link, above, or on the tool you want in the toolbar illustration, above-left. Once on a tool’s page, jump to other tools by using the Jump menu on the left side of every page.

The letter in parenthesis next to each reference number in the illustration is the keyboard shortcut for that tool.

If you have doodled with a tool’s options and want to get back to the default settings, click that tool’s icon at the far left end of its options bar. Choose either Reset Tool to reset only the current tool, or Reset All Tools to restore default settings to every tool.

Please note that all descriptions, and illustrations featured refer to files which are in Photoshop’s .psd format, and which are in RGB color mode. Other file formats, and color modes may generate different options. Some Photoshop features are not available for images not in .psd format, or RGB color mode. To find what color mode your image is in, choose Image Mode.