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Photoshop Elements 2 Navigator

Photoshop Elements 2 Navigator


Used for changing the view of the active window
Default location is second from the right in the well



In the Navigator palette, you will see a thumbnail copy of the active image. The screen’s boundaries will show as a red outline over your image. If your image doesn’t fit on screen, the screen outline will be superimposed on the thumbnail. Drag within the red outline to move the screen’s view. If you click anywhere on the image thumbnail, the view will change to include that area.

The default color of the screen outline within the Navigator palette is red, but you can change this, if you like. Access the palette options by clicking on the arrow in the top right corner of the palette. You can choose a preset color, or click on the color box and use the Color Picker.

There are zooming features at the bottom of the Navigator palette. Type a value into the text box, or drag on the slider. Left zooms out, right zooms in (magnifies the image).
navigator palette zoom slider

Please note that palettes which are in the palette well will not stay open while you edit. You also cannot access the palette menu when a palette is in the well. To bring a palette out of the well, click on its name tab and drag it out.

The picture on the left, below, is not the Navigator palette. It shows the image that is featured in the Navigator palette, at right. You can see that the screen outline in the palette is showing you what you are seeing in the image window. Note that I have changed the Navigator’s outline box color to blue, since the default red was hard to see on a red image.

Find the palette options by clicking on the little arrow in the upper right corner of the palette.

example imagenavigator palette

And, below, is the Options dialog box. Should be Option (singular) since there’s only one option. You can see the color I changed to. [Note that all illustrations shown above and below are from Elements 1. Except for cosmetic differences, they are the same in Elements 2.]

navigator palette options