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Photoshop Elements 2 Info Palette

Photoshop Elements 2 Info Palette


Provides color and location values
Default location is at the right end of the well



The data which appears in the Info palette depends on the tool you are using. When the eyedropper has been selected, the Info palette will show a constantly updated list of the color ingredients of whatever is directly below the pointer.

If the marquee tool is in use, it will show the coordinates of the start point, and width and height of the selection as it is dragged.
If the crop tool, or zoom tool is in use, it will show the width and height of the dragged selection as well as the angle of rotation, if transformed.
When the gradient tool is being used, it will provide location, distance, and angle data.
When any two-dimensional transformation is made, it gives updated height, width, angle, and skew information.
If any color adjustment dialog boxes are used, the Info palette shows before and after color values beneath the cursor.

Location and distance data includes x and y coordinates of starting points, change in x, change in y, width, and height, and angle. All information is instantly updated as the cursor is moved across the image.

Color information is available in four modes. There are six measurement unit options.

BUG – if you have an image open on top of the (open) File Browser, the color numbers in the Info palette will only display for about half a second once you stop moving your cursor over the picture. This behavior will persist even if you then minimize the File Browser. Closing the File Browser seems to correct the problem.

Please note that palettes which are in the palette well will not stay open while you edit. You also cannot access the palette menu when a palette is in the well. To bring a palette out of the well, click on its name tab and drag it out.


The illustration on the first, below, shows the Info palette featuring data after I had dragged a small selection with the marquee tool. The W and H values are that selection’s dimensions. The other values are indications of where the cursor is. They show the color beneath the pointer, with the values on the left being set to Actual Color, and the values on the right being set to show Web Color. The location coordinates (x, y) are shown in the lower left quadrant of the palette.

The second row of illustrations below shows the menus found by clicking on either the + sign next to the x,, y values, or on either of the eyedropper icons. Choose the units of measurement, and color mode you want to be displayed.

info palette
units optionscolor mode options

Shown below are the options, accessed by clicking on the little arrow in the top right corner of the palette. These are the same as those found by clicking on the icons in the palette as shown above. [Note that all illustrations shown above and below are from Elements 1. Except for cosmetic differences, they are the same in Elements 2.]

info palette optionsinfo palette options menu