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Photoshop Elements 2 File Browser

Photoshop Elements 2 File Browser


Find and open files
Open from the Window or File menu



The file browser acts a lot like Windows Explorer but with easier access, and much more data displayed.

As with Explorer, double click on drives, and folders on the left side of the panel to work your way down through the hierarchy to individual files. Scroll to see more drives, and any files on the desktop. There is also an up arrow and drop down menu at the top of the File Browser if you don’t have the left panel showing.
navigate File Browser
If the navigation partition is not big enough to show your folder tree, resize the partition by dragging on the bottom separator between it and the file data section.
resize partition

Please note that palettes which are in the palette well will not stay open while you edit. To bring a palette out of the well, click on its name tab and drag it out. The File Browser does not close to the well, by default. If you want it there, click on the More button in its upper right corner and choose Dock to Palette Well.

In the File Browser’s left panel, below the navigation display shown above, you’ll find more information about your images than you could possibly need. Shown in the white section, left, below is only a portion of what you’ll see (note the scroll bar).

The commands in the palette menu are found by clicking the More button in the upper right corner of the palette, below right (white section). Deselect Expanded View if you want to get rid of the information display on the left side of the Browser. That will make room on your screen for more thumbnails. Or you can click the double-headed arrow at the bottom of the File Browser to do the same thing.

Also at the bottom of the Browser, find two little menus for sort order and thumbnail size.
sort and size
The sort menu (left, above) has the following choices:
sort options 

file dataFile Browser palette menu



You can get an abbreviated version of the palette menu by right-clicking on a selected thumbnail (menu shown below, top). If you have more than one thumbnail selected, the Batch Rename option becomes available

Use Batch Rename to give a group of pictures the same name with an alpha or numerical incremental suffix or prefix. Do this by typing the name in either of the text boxes in the Batch Rename dialog and then picking the incremental type that you prefer in the other text box menu.

right-click menu
batch rename