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Pencil-Scetch Feather

Pencil Feather

This tutorial teaches you how to create a nifty feather from a manipulated photo to the original. First, make the image look like a scetch, then feather it. Simply as PIE!

Learn how to make a fading pencil-drawing…

  • Step 1 Open up a new image of a random person or object;
    Then Press D to reset your colors to black and white!


  • Step 2 Duplicate the layer and go to Filter>Artistic>Colored Pencil and add these settings;
    Then change the blending-mode to soft light;


  • Step 3 It should look like this;


  • Step 4 Now make a selection where you want the rest of the image to fade into the original;


  • Step 5 Go to Select>Feather and select a 20 px feather;
    Now you picture should be completed…


Author        :  MICK MOOLHUIJSEN
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