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PDF JobReady Features

 PDF JobReady can help mitigate some of the common problems which occur during the print job submission process:

* Problem: File Submission Errors
Studies show that 67% of jobs submitted to print service providers (PSPs) fail due to file submission errors. Fonts may be missing from the submitted job; color models are incorrectly specified; and associated graphics files are sometimes inadvertently omitted. When this occurs, the PSP must ask that the job (or the missing components) be resubmitted.
For the PSP, this means added cost (and lower margin); more complexity in the job workflow; and increased customer satisfaction problems.
For the user submitting the job, this means added work, increased frustration level, and a longer wait for delivery of the completed job.

* Problem: No Job Preview
Another common problem in the job submission workflow is that the user often cannot obtain an accurate job preview. The final result may be completely different from what is expected, due to differences in software environments between the user and the PSP. As a result, finished jobs can be rejected as “not what it’s supposed to look like”, and the cycle starts again.

* The Solution – PDF JobReady
PDF JobReady addresses both these problems by implementing a secure, controlled PDF-based workflow. PSPs can ensure that all submitted jobs are complete and correctly set up for their own equipment. Users can preview jobs prior to submission, and since the preview is device-independent PDF, the preview will be identical to the final output. And overall, job resubmissions are drastically reduced.

* OEMs Benefit Too
OEM software developers can also benefit from PDF JobReady, by integrating the technology into the print- and workflow-applications they develop to provide the same benefits outlined above to their own customers.