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PageMaker Scripting FAQ – Appendix

            A. Where can I find out what scripting commands PageMaker supports?

PageMaker version 6.x shipped with an online Scripting Language Guide. (On the Macintosh this is accessible via the standard help menu.) This online guide lists all the commands and queries PageMaker supports and demonstrates appropriate syntax.

Another resource is the original Aldus PageMaker 5 Script Language Guide. This 364-page book (ISBN 1-56026-172-2) did not come with PageMaker 5 but was available free for the asking from Aldus Corporation. After the Adobe-Aldus merger, Adobe supported the book until the release of Adobe PageMaker 6. A PDF of the document is available at

The best current resource is to purchase Hans Hansen’s terrific Adobe PageMaker Scripting published by Adobe Press (ISBN 1-56830-318-1). This book is nearly 600 pages in length and contains a CD-ROM with hundreds of sample scripts. If you are planning on creating scripts of any complication at all, it is essential.

B. What are some other resources for learning scripting?

For general scripting, primarily AppleScript and Frontier, you might check out the MacScripting mailing list. (To subscribe, send email to with a subject of “subscribe” and a message of “subscribe macscrpt your full name”.)

You might also check out the website. These are Macintosh specific resources, however.