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Outline the clothes for young women

This new topic
we’ll see how is it possible to outline the clothes for young women.

the beginning open in a new window the scanned already clothes’
contours: File – Open (ctrl+o).

Clothing Drawing

Create after that a new layer: Layer – New – Layer.
Then select the Brush Tool of Hard Round
type with small sizes and outline the contours very quickly (if you
want to outline them more accurately, then you’ll have to use the Pen
). Finishing this operation, you may erase the layer,
containing the first outlined contours: Layer – Delete Layer.
Create after a new layer and move it under the layer with the last
contours, paint its background with the basic colors by applying the Paint
Bucket Tool

Clothing Drawing

Represent now a new layer, under the contours’ layer and start
painting the girl’s clothes with the main colors, selecting the same Brush

Clothing Drawing 

Now we have to select for
each of the colors about two nuances: darker and lighter than the main
color. Then insert schematically the lights and the shadows. For your
convenience, when processing the colors, we may create a new layer above
the layer with the main colors and group these layers: Layer –
Create Clipping Mask
(ctrl+g) as for the new smudges not to get
out from the inserted colors already:


Clothing Drawing

We have to draw now on the layer with the background several
big stripes, just to place the girl on the front plan:

Clothing Drawing

Then we have to give to this outlined picture a finished
appearance by copying the layer with the contours: Layer –
Duplicate Layer
(ctrl+j) and blurring out the copy. Select for
this operation the next options: Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur.

Clothing Drawing 

As for the file to
have smaller sizes, we may merge down preliminary all the layers: Layer – Flatten Image.

Clothing Drawing

The picture is finished!

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Made by Sigma