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Original Icon

drawing icon 1
First, I used the Pen Tool to create such a shape and filled it a bright red. Then, I whipped out the Burn Tool to darken the areas near to the edges a bit. This is the front cover of the notebook.

drawing icon 2
Then, I copied the layer and clicked on Image > Adjustments > Brightness & Contrast to darken it. After that, I pushed the copied cover a few pixels downwards.

drawing icon 3
Next, I CTRL + Clicked the cover layer to load a selection of the cover’s shape. After that, I pressed Select > Modify > Contract to shrink the selection by 1 pixel. I filled the resultant selection with a white colour and pressed ALT + Down on the keyboard a few times to drag a greater “depth”.

drawing icon 4
To create the glossy feeling, I used the Pen Tool to drag out a shape like the one above.

drawing icon 5
Then, I pressed the Load path as a selection button in the Paths Pallette. With the selection still active, I clicked on the “cover” layer while holding the CTRL + SHIFT + ALT keys on the keyboard. Then, I pressed Select > Modify > Contract and filled the selection with a white shade. The final step is to drop the layer opacity by 50%.
drawing icon 6
Now, drag the shape shown with the Pen Tool. Then, load it as a selection and fill it white. Done!

drawing icon 7
The binding rings are created in a similar manner, using the Pen Tool to outline the shape and filling it grey. However, I went an extra step of darkening the edge of the ring to simulate shadows. It’s small details like these that make an image really stand out from the rest.

drawing icon 8