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New features for Mac users

  • Creation of a PDF file from an image stored in the clipboard — in the previous version of Acrobat, this was available only for Windows users. This makes it extremely easy for anyone to copy images to the clipboard from just about any source (including MS Office clip art and web browsers) and convert them to a PDF file in a step.
  • Integrated Acrobat web viewer functionality with Apple’s Safari web browser — no longer will you need to open up your PDF document in another window and application.
  • Online review capability — now Mac users of Acrobat can participate in a browser-based review with Windows users so that a single PDF document can be posted on a WEBDAV server and marked up in real-time. Mac users can now be part of a more efficient collaborative process.


    Acrobat 7.0 has been enhanced to provide quicker start-up and more efficient access to powerful features with improved menu design and context-sensitive menu access. Educators and administrators will find more ways to integrate an Adobe PDF workflow and reclaim valuable time and resources. Learn more about the amazing new features in Acrobat 7.0 and how educators can use the software to enhance teaching and administrative activities.
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