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Neon Signs Text Effect

Neon Signs Effect

Create those neon-signs that you see outside bars late at night. These signs can also be found in several “Red light Districts”, if you ever get the need to recreate that…

Learn how to create one of those neon-signs that you can find at restaurants…

  • Step 1 Open a new document, no matter what size or background-color and add your disired text in WHITE;

    Neon Signs

  • Step 2 Copy the text, and goto Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and add a blur of 2,2;

    Neon Signs

  • Step 3 Add these effects to the top-layer;

    Neon Signs

    Neon Signs

  • Step 4 Move the lowest text-layer to the top and set it to overlay;

    Neon Signs

  • Step 5 Now, your text should look a bit like mine:

    Neon Signs

Author        :  MICK MOOLHUIJSEN 
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