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My video has a green cast. What happened and how can I get rid of it?

Most often, color casts occur in images that have been shot with the wrong filter or in inappropriate lighting, or that have an improper white balance setting. Try the following procedure in Adobe® Premiere® Pro 1.5 to eliminate color casts:

  1. In the Color Corrector effect, expand the HSL Hue Offsets category. Use these controls to adjust the overall hue in the composite image as well as in the shadows, midtones, and highlights.
  2. Determine the color of the color cast in your image. In the Color Corrector effect, drag anywhere inside the Master color wheel and closely observe your color-casted image. Generally, if the image has a “cool” color cast, for example, a green or blue cast, then dragging in the “warm” area of the color wheel, for example, the red or yellow areas, compensates for the color cast. Alternatively, if an image has a warm color cast, then dragging in the cool area compensates. Continue dragging until the image looks balanced.
  3. Click the Reference Monitor to update the waveform.
  4. Continue to adjust the Master color wheel until you are satisfied. If you notice color casts in the shadow, midtone, or highlight areas, drag in the corresponding color wheel to adjust those values.
  5. Continue to check the Reference Monitor to see the measurement of your adjustments.