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More GoLive CS2 Features

Intuitive visual tools

Visual CSS layout

Use a visual CSS layout window to create standards-compliant code that renders faithfully on mobile devices and Web browsers. Or, code by hand and verify syntax easily.

Enhanced InDesign Package for GoLive

Transfer assets from Adobe InDesign® software to GoLive with drag-and-drop ease, open an InDesign package in GoLive and export to XHTML to jump-start your site, or flow tagged InDesign content into CSS templates.

CSS prebuilt block objects

Drag and drop prebuilt CSS elements, such as a three-column layout with fixed right and left columns and a liquid center, to quickly build standards-compliant CSS pages that you populate with text and images.

Enhanced live rendering

Preview changes to Web and mobile content in a real-time, integrated engine built on the Opera® browser that supports Small-Screen Rendering (SSR).

CSS element selection tools

Select and manipulate CSS DIVs or their content more easily and efficiently than ever before.

Automated favicon creation

Reduce the time it takes to create favicons, using an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Selective import from InDesign

Choose to import only selected InDesign page elements into a GoLive Web project.

InDesign layer viewing

Hide or show content organized on layers in an InDesign package, such as alternative layouts or localized versions of pages.

Feedback warnings for automatic page creation

Detect errors and problems that arise during the InDesign site creation workflow.

Rich Web development

Quick Start developer mode

Open GoLive in a comfortable, code-only mode — great for developers who still want access to GoLive site management features.

Split views for CSS development

View source code side by side with either a visual CSS layout window or a large real-time rendering window.

Batch conversion from HTML to XHTML

Batch convert existing HTML Web pages and sites into more flexible, standards-compliant XHTML Web pages and sites.

Secure WebDAV and Secure FTP client with support for SSH and SSL connections

Easily upload, update, and manage all your files on a server using state-of-the art security protocols like SSH and SSL.

Collaborative asset management

Track your team-based projects using popular content versioning systems like Perforce, CVS, or Version Cue®, or use Local/Network File System Directory Versioning.

Enhanced SDK for application development

Easily extend the capabilities of GoLive with this XML and ECMAScript-based environment.

Mobile design, ready to go

Visual CSS authoring for mobile devices

Easily author and validate standards-compliant CSS content for mobile devices using simple visual tools.

Web-based project conversion to baseline mobile sites

Automatically convert an existing table-based Web site to mobile CSS layout.

MPEG-4/3GPP interactive video development

Optimize video output and add interactivity with mobile video editing tools that support MPEG-4 and 3GPP standards.

Onboard phone skins and device emulation

View your sites as they would appear in standards-based mobile browsers and visually emulate how your MMS documents will render on mobile devices from Sony Ericsson and Nokia.

Visual MMS authoring

Use a complete and intuitive interface to create Multimedia Messaging Service templates for slide shows and text messages.

Batch MMS conversion

Quickly batch convert MMS content for deployment on leading mobile devices.

Six Apart TypePad and Movable Type authoring

Add blogging capabilities to your mobile sites using Six Apart visual design objects or ready-made templates for the TypePad service, as well as Movable Type servers.

Visual authoring for NTT DoCoMo i-mode Emoji

Lay out and preview mobile sites using built-in support for NTT DoCoMo i-mode iconography.

Visual SVG-t inspection and authoring for mobile

View SVG-t content in split-view interfaces, enabling art tree, source, and XML outline views and access to an animation scrubbing timeline for rapid development.

Visually develop SMIL content for modern mobile browsers

Visually author and validate SMIL 1.0, 2.0, and 3GPP profile content for mobile device UI and browser content design.

Rich developer support for CSS Levels 1 and 2 and mobile profiles

Query and validate CSS Levels 1 and 2 and mobile profiles with meaningful feedback for achieving standards compliance.

Native support for SMIL mobile application development

Visually create content for interactive SMIL applications using an object-based interface.

Complete development environment for OMA, W3C, and 3GPP standards

Develop for mobile using global industry standards, including CSS, XHTML, SVG Tiny, SMIL, MPEG-4, and more.