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Mobile publishing with Adobe GoLive CS2

Mobile publishing with Adobe GoLive CS2

The market for mobile content is booming in Japan and Europe and is rapidly emerging in North America as the devices, infrastructure, and consumer interest converge to support it. AdobeĀ® GoLiveĀ® has been active in the mobile content market since 1999 when it first supported NTT DoCoMo i-mode Visual Emoji Authoring. Now Adobe GoLive CS2 is uniquely poised to provide a powerful authoring environment for producing rich mobile content, delivering:

  • Complete support for open standards: Adobe is committed to supporting open mobile standards to help our customers develop mobile design workflows and content that are viable today while adapting easily to emerging technologies and business requirements. That’s why GoLive CS2 offers extensive support for such mobile standards as CSS, XHTML, SMIL, SVG Tiny, MPEG-4, and 3GPP, all of which have been endorsed by global standards committees as well as leading companies, including Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Opera, Access, Openwave, Ikivo, and others. Learn more about open standards.
  • A visual development environment for mobile content: GoLive CS2 has long been known for combining a visual layout environment with extensive coding and site management controls. Now you can develop mobile content with the same flexibility, moving easily from making visual design choices to verifying and adjusting your code. Built-in Small Screen Rendering and device emulation help you preview and refine your mobile content before you take it live.

Enhanced live rendering

  • A flexible solution through Adobe integration: GoLive CS2 integrates tightly with Adobe Illustrator CS2 to provide a versatile solution for producing SVG Tiny content, which you can distribute directly or incorporate into MMS slideshows. For example, you can design mobile SVG graphics and interfaces in Illustrator, add interactivity and client or server-side scripts in GoLive, and then publish the content to mobile devices. Incorporate third-party software, such as Ikivo Animator or Beatware Mobile Designer, into this solution to animate your SVG Tiny content before you publish it.

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