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Migrating from ActionScript 1.0 to ActionScript 2.0

Migrating from ActionScript 1.0 to ActionScript 2.0

The first thing to understand about updating existing (Flash MX) ActionScript to ActionScript 2.0 is that, in many cases, it’s not necessary. ActionScript you wrote in earlier versions of Flash continues to work in Flash MX 2004 and Flash Player 7.

Migrating your code from ActionScript 1.0 to ActionScript 2.0 is beneficial mainly in the following circumstances:

  • For a large-scale Flash application or presentation that contains a lot of code, using ActionScript 2.0 simplifies the development process and provides more debugging information than ActionScript 1.0.
  • To upgrade OOP programs that you created originally in Flash MX or Flash 5, using ActionScript 2.0 makes maintaining and modifying the code much easier.
  • You’re curious about OOP and want to learn about it in a familiar authoring environment.