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Methodology for Adobe plug-in technology study

Methodology for Adobe plug-in technology study

Research Supplier Background

Millward Brown is one of the world’s top 10 consumer market research organizations with wholly owned operating companies in more than 40 countries. With more than thirty years of empirical learning, Millward Brown has built its business on measuring consumers’ awareness, attitudes, and response to brands and advertising. We are a recognized innovator of global tracking studies

Millward Brown has been a pioneer conducting and transitioning to online research in the US and UK as early as 1995. In the last few years, our ability to routinely conduct global online research for Fortune 500 clients has grown dramatically. We are now able to field custom online studies in a growing number of markets around the globe including most of the world’s largest economies.

Study Overview

The goal of this proprietary study commissioned by Adobe Systems, Inc. is to track and compare Plug-In technology used to view content on the web. The survey presents respondents with several pages, each with a graphic image in a different media file format, and asks respondents to indicate whether or not they can see each image, one at a time. The order in which respondents see the images is randomized to eliminate any order bias.


This multi-country study is conducted quarterly in 6 countries including:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Japan

The study is conducted in several other countries including mainland China and South Korea every other quarter.

All surveys are conducted in-language in each market.  Only an American English version is fielded in Canada.Based on data from The WORLD INTERNET USAGE AND POPULATION STATISTICS,, the surveyed countries collectively represent 72% of the world’s internet connected population (not households) as of June 30, 2006.

Research is conducted in each country using Lightspeed Research, a global partner supplier for Millward Brown. Both Millward Brown and Lightspeed are part of WPP’s Kantar Group marketing research family of companies. Lightspeed Research is a leading provider of global online market research conducted over the Internet using proprietary US and international panels. For more information on Lightspeed and its panel see below.

Survey Recruitment

Panelists are sent an e-mail directing them to Lightspeed’s survey site via a URL. Incentives to complete each survey are provided as Lightspeed points, which all Lightspeed panelists receive for each survey completed according to survey length and complexity.  This tracking study is considered a basic, short survey.

Screening Criteria

Respondents must be Adults 18+ and have access to an Internet connected computer.

The majority of respondents answer from their home computer; however, responses from respondents answering using a work computer are not excluded.  A question is included in the survey to track whether the respondent is answering on a home computer or a work computer.

Sample Sizes (Per Wave):
Country Sample Size
United States 1,000
Canada 400
United Kingdom 400
France 400
Germany 400
South Korea 400
China 300


The following details the age and gender quotas per country employed to get samples representative of the Internet connected population in each country by age and gender.

Country Male Female 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55+
US 49% 51% 17% 26% 23% 20% 14%
UK 55% 45% 13% 28% 27% 20% 12%
Canada 51% 49% 16% 30% 25% 18% 11%
France 60% 40% 18% 33% 23% 16% 10%
Germany 61% 39% 15% 31% 28% 18% 8%
China 56% 44% 38% 45% 12% 3% 2%
Japan 58% 42% 10% 35% 33% 16% 6%
Korea 54% 46% 9% 42% 36% 11% 2%

These allocations are based on a reconciliation of reported statistics for each country from a variety of sources including eMarketers, comScore Media Metrix, Market Foundation and Lightspeed’s own data on their panel compositions as well as Millward Brown’s own online international research experience.

Margins of Error
Country Margin of Error
United States +/- 3%
Canada +/- 5%
United Kingdom +/- 5%
France +/- 5%
Germany +/- 5%
South Korea +/- 5%
China +/- 6%

All Margins of Error are calculated at the 95% confidence level.

A Note on Representation – Weighting Schema

Reported Worldwide and Regional figures are based on a weighting scheme matching the individual country’s responses to the percentage of the worldwide population (measured by The WORLD INTERNET USAGE AND POPULATION STATISTICS) that country comprises.

The weighting scheme will be updated quarterly to the extent that revised internet population statistics by this body are released for the countries covered in the survey.  Worldwide and/or Regional figures are representative to the extent that the data is representative of each of the countries surveyed.  That data is representative according to the reported sample sizes and corresponding margins of errors in each country as described above.

Lightspeed Research Profile – US and Europe Sample Supplier

Lightspeed Research is a leading provider of global online market research conducted over the Internet using proprietary US and international panels. Lightspeed uses advanced Web technology and back-end databases to manage the registration of panelists’ views and attitudes.

Note on Lightspeed Panelist Recruitment

Lightspeed maintains rigorous standards about who qualifies to become a member of its panels.  They verify the identity and demographic information of our respondents through our unique recruiting structure.  Further, each panelist chooses a unique password when they register. In addition, they ask each prospective panelist to complete an extensive background questionnaire, providing great detail on each member.

Panelists are recruited from multiple sources such as RDD, in-person interviews, Web partners, as well as banner ads. 100% of Lightspeed Research’s panel members have opted to participate in the panel.  While all Lightspeed Research panelists have completed registration data consisting of 14 demographic variables, Lightspeed Research takes an extra step to re-validate this information.  This important re-validation process continues as Lightspeed Research recruits panelists on an ongoing basis to account for attrition, and to increase the size of the panel.

Global Market Insite – Asia Sample Supplier

GMI offers an integrated platform of powerful online market research tools that includes online survey software, online panel management capabilities, web survey hosting and survey programming services. With offices in 17 countries on 6 continents, and a consumer panel of 5.5 million people in over 200 countries, GMI is a strategic partner for international online research for Lightspeed and Millward Brown.

Note on GMI Panel Recruitment and Composition

GMI panels comprise the following:

  • Extensively profiled double opted-in panelists
  • Panelists register and complete surveys in their native languages
  • 24×7 Customer Service in 37 languages
  • Incentives offered in local currencies
  • Response quality is evaluated after each survey.
  • Strict compliance with international anti-spam laws
  Panel counts Panel
US 2,900,000 Lightspeed
UK 110,000 Lightspeed
Canada 320,000 Lightspeed
France 142,000 Lightspeed
Germany 120,000 Lightspeed
China 1,183,319 GMI
Japan 488,577 GMI
Korea 201,809 GMI