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Merge the records with the publication

Merge the records with the publication.

Choose Merge Records from the Data Merge palette menu.
If you’d like multiple records to appear on a single page of the merged publication, select Manual Layout from the Records per page pull-down menu, and define the gutter sizes. This option will not appear if there is not enough room on the page to display multiple records.
Blank lines appear in records that contain a blank field. Remove these lines by selecting the Remove Blank Lines for Empty Fields checkbox.
When your data source contains a lot of records, you can improve the performance of PageMaker by selecting the Start New Publication After checkbox and defining the number of pages that will limit each publication. If the publication contains a lot of graphics, set the image-display preferences to Gray Out.
When you click OK, PageMaker creates a new publication and replaces the data fields with the appropriate record fields. Sit back and watch PageMaker do all the work!