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Macromedia ColdFusion – Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Easy to learn, develop in record time.

Becoming productive sooner and delivering applications faster reduces the total cost of Internet application development.
· ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML), the tagbased scripting language in ColdFusion, is modeled after html, making it easy to get up and running quickly – encapsulating complex actions into simple, intuitive tags. ColdFusion MX 7 boosts CFML with an array of powerful new and extended tags.
· New ColdFusion Dreamweaver extensions make it faster and easier than ever to develop ColdFusion applications using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004.
· Build and consume SOAP web services in record time using CFCs (ColdFusion Components), separating business logic from presentation tier. Use CFCs in all types of applications, including html, Flash, web services, SMS, IM, and more.
· Take advantage of major updates to the already powerful set of application services in ColdFusion, including the latest Verity fulltext search engine and dramatic improvements to charting and graphing.

Provide an unparalleled user experience.

Users will increase productivity and interact with applications in superior ways.
· Build accessible, highquality forms in minutes using the new rich Flash and XML forms capabilities. Complex, multistep forms are now easy to create using familiar CFML tags. Easily reskin forms across applications.
· Transform web content into wellformatted, printable PDF or FlashPaper 2 documents in the context of an application using the powerful new CFDOCUMENT capability. Easily add printing to existing applications with only a few lines of additional code.
· ColdFusion MX 7 adds powerful new business reporting capabilities to fully integrate structured business reporting inside web applications. Satisfy business reporting requirements while reducing or eliminating the need for costly thirdparty reporting products.

Create a new class of applications.

Extend proven rapid application development techniques to new application types.
· ColdFusion MX 7 provides groundbreaking new capabilities enabling the creation of a new class of applications accessible through Short Message Service (SMS) textmessaging on mobile devices. SMS extends the reach of applications beyond the desktop, providing users with complete mobility.
· The Instant Messaging (IM) world is about to go through a rapid transformation where IM clients are used to interact with Internet applications. ColdFusion MX 7 makes it easy to create applications for IM known today as “bots.” Leverage “IM presence services” (the ability to know when a user is available and online) in applications to determine the current availability of a user before sending a new message. Connect to Lotus Sametime or XMPP, the emerging IM standard.

Flexible, multiplatform deployment.

Streamline deployment and enjoy greater scalability, reliability, and security without greater cost.
· ColdFusion MX 7 provides new, flexible options for application deployment. Package an application AND the ColdFusion runtime into a single EAR for fast Java deployment. Distribute applications as Java bytecode, without CFML source, helping protect source code investments. Easily create new application instances, delivering high availability of individual applications.