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Macromedia Authorware 7 – Rich-Media Support

Rich-Media Support

Enhanced Rich-Media Support:

Integrate a comprehensive array of media types, including Macromedia Flash MX and Microsoft Windows Media Player. Create dynamic, data-driven applications by importing external data stored in web-standard XML files.

Macromedia Flash MX Support:

Import Macromedia Flash MX animations into Authorware 7. Zoom, scale, play, and pause Macromedia Flash MX content within Authorware 7, and capture and respond to events.

Media Synchronization:

Cue content such as text, graphics, or animations to specific points in a narration, soundtrack, or video. Use sound and movie icons to trigger events based on media position or timing.

MP3 Streaming Audio:

Add narration, music, and sound effects to e-learning applications by incorporating MP3 streaming audio.

DVD Playback:

Integrate and play DVD video in Authorware 7 applications. DVD video has replaced LaserDisc technology as the standard for interactive training and kiosk applications.

Anti-Aliased Text:

Anti-aliasing smoothes jagged text edges, making it readable at any point size. It also decreases file size for faster application performance.

Rich Text Editor:

The RTF (Rich Text Format) Objects Editor allows you import RTF files; embed graphics, shapes, symbols, and linked text; and apply advanced text formatting. It also enables you to insert Authorware 7 expressions, such as functions and variables, into the text. Create rich text files that can be linked to the application at run-time.

Apple Mac OS X Playback:

Play back Authorware 7 e-learning applications on systems compatible with Mac OS X.