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Macromedia Authorware 7 – Flexibility


Powerful Navigation:

Create complex paging and navigation structures with the framework and navigation icons. Import RTF text into the framework icon and Authorware 7 will automatically set up a multipage navigation system. Use the menu-driven interface to link to other pages, locations, or text in your application.

Full-Text Search and Retrieval:

Perform full text searches on any text within the application. End users can utilize search capabilities to navigate to the information they need.

External Media:

You can now store all application media—including rich-text files—outside of your application, so you update without modifying the Authorware application. You can also create hybrid applications that combine internal media with external links.

Media Management:

Manage media assets internally, externally, or in libraries. Authorware 7 libraries and the external media browser let you separate application content from logic and still effectively track your files.

Enhanced Calculation Editor:

The calculation editor provides syntax highlighting, formatting, and other useful features.

Alpha Channel Support:

Alpha channels let you add rich transparency effects to graphics for a more professional appearance.

Versatile Delivery:

Develop once and deliver across a broad range of platforms, including corporate networks, CD, and the web. Authorware applications maintain a consistent high-fidelity experience across browsers on both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh platforms.