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Macromedia Authorware 7 – Complies With Standards

Complies With Standards

Support for XML, accessibility, and LMS lets you create rich-media e-learning applications that are compatible with LMS standards.

Reusable, interoperable content. Authorware 7 e-learning content complies with Aviation Industry CBT Committee (AICC), Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL), and IMS standards.

Accessibility. Generate tab-navigable content, use captions, and turn text into speech to comply with accessible software legislation.

LMS Knowledge Objects. Create courseware that can connect to LMS systems and that complies with standards from the AICC or the ADL Shareable Courseware Object Reference Model (SCORM). LMS Knowledge Objects help you decide what information to get or send to the LMS, and handle all back-end communications with the LMS. They can also communicate through ADL, HACP, and over LANs.