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Macromedia Authorware 7 – A First Look

A First Look

There are many ways to use Web design and development skills, and one of the most popular uses of the Web is with online learning or elearning. But there’s more to building an online training course than just slapping together a Web page. Businesses spend lots of money creating complex training programs for their customers, clients, and employees.

On June 2, 2003, Macromedia announced that Authorware® 7 is scheduled to come out in about a month. This new version offers some great functionality that was sorely needed in the package. New features include:

  • Support for Macintosh OS X playback
  • Importing of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • JavaScript support to augment the existing Authorware scripting
  • Integration with learning management systems

This new version of the software looks to be even easier to use for new users, while offering all the power and functionality that existing users and power users expect.