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Loot Your Money Back With Lootback

The resources you need to successfully run a web design business are usually not expensive but when you total them up the sum may turn out to be quite large. Stock images, fonts, audio files, etc. they all may add up to heavy expenses. This will take a big bite out of your profits.

One solution for this problem is to increase your fees so that your clients will take care of such expenses. But that contains the risk of pricing you out of the market and lose the client ultimately.

Another better solution is what we are presenting you with. It is known as Lootback.

It will help you reduce your expenditure. It will help you save some money on the stock files.

Lootback is a new service that lets you have your cash back on the stock file purchases you make. They have partnered with some of the big names in the stock industry which include iStock, Shutterstock, Envato’s marketplaces, Depositphotos and Thinkstock.


So how stuff works with Lootback? Let me give you an example.

Suppose you are going to buy 650 credits from iStock that will cost $967. If you make this purchase with Lootback, you will get a 14% discount code which will reduce the price from $967 to $831.62. After this when you have placed your order Lootback will pay you back with an 8% cash through PayPal. This thus reduces the total cost to $765.09.

Now $967 – $765 is equal to $202. So you will save $202 without any effort on your part.

What goes on behind the scenes is this.

As I said Lootback has partnered with some of the best industry names. These companies give Lootback a commission whenever someone uses it to make a purchase from those companies. Lootback then splits this commission with their customers which results in cash back.

This saving of money is only one aspect of Lootback. Another one is that Lootback lets save your precious time by helping you search better.

Lootback has developed a unique search engine which lets you search stock files from a number of websites right through a single place.

In fact this was one of the reasons why Lootback was created. The founders of Lootback were frustrated with the way stock sites behaved. They bought files from one site and later found out that the same files were being sold on another website for a much lesser price. They thought to do something about it and Lootback was born.

You have to enter a keyword in the search bar and you will get relevant results from all sorts of different sites.


The image above demonstrates this point. I searched for the keyword “freelancing” in the search bar and as you can see I received results from many different websites on the same page.

Go and take a look at the website and let me know what you think in the comments below. Also tell me have you ever used such coupon and cash back websites? What has been your experience?