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JDF in small pre-press sites

 Many descriptions of a JDF-enabled workflow give the impression that only large print sites, with many staff and a full MIS system, can benefit from introducing JDF. If you operate a small pre-press site can you also benefit? 

Yes you can! In many cases the return on investment as a proportion of fixed and variable costs will be just as great in a small operation as could be achieved in a large company. Find out more by downloading our White Paper from the link on the right.

The Harlequin RIP is used extensively in smaller print and prepress sites. An important part of Global Graphics’ planning process for the JDF enabler for the Harlequin RIP has been to open partnerships with many vendors producing imposition design tools that can generate JDF. In order to trigger output of plates or proofs from a Harlequin RIP you only have to save a JDF file from any one of a number of popular impositions programs into a hot folder:

  • Dynagram Dynastrip
  • Kodak (formerly Creo) Preps
  • OneVision Speedflow Impose
  • Agfa :Delano
  • Agfa Apogee X
  • Lithotechnics Metrix
  • Esko-Graphics Plato
  • Mitsubishi Paper Mills Facilis

Whether you’re working in a large installation or a small one, the Harlequin RIP will perform to the high standards that you have come to expect.