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ISIS Drivers Installed by Acrobat Capture 2.0 in Windows NT

Adobe Acrobat Capture 2.0 includes Windows NT ISIS drivers that support Adaptec 154X and 294X SCSI adapters. Other Adaptec models (e.g., 2920 and 1520), BusLogic adapters, and Future Domain adapters may work, but are not supported by Adobe Systems Incorporated. If Capture does not support your SCSI card, use a TWAIN driver with your scanner.

NOTE: When you’re installing Hewlett-Packard plug-ins, the Acrobat or the Capture installer lets you select only from groups of HP scanners. You can, however,select a specific scanner in Acrobat Exchange or Acrobat Capture after you install the plug-ins. For a list of specific scanners you can select from, see Related Records.

Adobe Acrobat Capture 2.0 includes drivers for these scanners and controller cards:

Bell & Howell 1000FB/1500FB/5000F/6000F

Bell & Howell 2135/2137/2138/3238/3338/6338 with RSC (SCSI)

Canon DR-3020

Canon IX-3010/4015/4025 w/ASPI

Epson Scanner

Epson Scanner w/Transparency

Fujitsu M3093GX/DG, M3096G/GX, M3097G/G+

Fujitsu M3099G/G+/GH/GX

Fujitsu M3192B (ScanPartner E.O.)

Fujitsu ScanPartner Jr/10/10C/600C

HP ScanJet/ScanJet Plus

HP ScanJet IIc/IIcx/IIp

HP ScanJet IIIp/3c/4c/4p

Panasonic KV-SS25/50/50EX/55/55EX/60EX/60N/65EX/65N w/SCSI

Polaroid Digital Scanner CS-500i

Ricoh FS-2

Ricoh IS-410 and IBM 2456

Ricoh IS-420/430

Ricoh IS-50/IS-60

Ricoh IS-510/IS-520

Ricoh RS2200-EF

Xerox DocuImage 620S