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Is there any way to correct for overexposed or underexposed video in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Yes, you can make adjustments for areas that are too dark or too light in AdobeĀ® PremiereĀ® Pro 1.5. Of course, the best way to ensure proper exposure is to use the appropriate lighting conditions at the time you shoot. However, if something is improperly exposed or you decide you want to emphasize or de-emphasize a detail, try using the Color Corrector effect, located in the Image Control effects bin.

To correct improper exposure:

  1. In the Color Corrector effect, expand the Curves category and drag the curve in the Master display. The higher on the curve you drag, the higher the luminance value you adjust. Drag up to increase exposure or down to increase it.
  2. Activate the Reference Monitor to check the new measurements.
  3. Then, in the Program view, look at the corrected image and take notes of any color casts. For example, check to see if skin tones or the sky color looks correct. If you notice slight color casts, adjust the Red, Green, or Blue Gain values to remove the cast. Or, drag the Red, Green, or Blue curves. As you make adjustments, watch carefully for banding, noise, or polarization in the image. If you notice any of these, reduce the value you are adjusting.

As an alternative, choose Vectorscope from the Reference Monitor window to view the chrominance values alone. Ideally, there should be minimal green shading in the areas outside of the center of the scope.