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IPTC Core – Metadata for Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP)

A metadata standard for images

Reference URL(s)

URL: “IPTC Core” Website

URL: “IPTC Core” User Guide (pdf)

URL: “IPTC Core” Yahoo newsgroup


This standard was developed for documenting images, particularly for use by the news media. It was produced by the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC), a consortium of the world’s major news agencies and news industry vendors. IPTC develops and maintains technical standards for improved news exchange that are used by news organization around the world. The “IPTC Core” is implemented within several commercial image software packages (listed in the users guide).


Maturity Estimate: Operational. This standard supersedes (and is aligned with) the “IPTC Headers” in Photoshop, JPEG, and TIFF images