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Interview: Vietnamese digital artist Jenny Le

How long have you been creating involved in creative design?

Thank you very much for including me here! I’m a self-taught artist who lives and works in Hanoi city, Vietnam. I didn’t have a remarkable background of art except some pencil drawings from my childhood (every child does!). I discovered Photoshop since January 2010 when I started my personal blog and wanted to add something new and exciting to it. I wrote my first Photoshop tutorial about color blending a month later as I didn’t want to forget what I just learned.

How did you get started?

I continued watching another tutorials on internet, also tried to write my own ones each time I learned a new thing. But you know everything I learned at that time so random, and I even didn’t learn how to use the Pen Tool after 8 months! A turning point came in September 2010 when Rnel ( asked me to write some tutorials for his site. I started to think that Photoshop could be something more than a hobby for fun and since that time I tried to learn all the tools and skill I missed before. I want to say thanks to Rnel, he was a very kind person to work with and a great friend who gave me the support in the first time I learned everything to be involved in design community.

I began to learn photo manipulation seriously since the middle of 2011 though I created some of that before, also started to write tutorials for several popular photoshop blogs. I’ve found that writing tutorial is a great way to sharpen my skill and get benefitted from design community. Now I’ve been happy doing it as a freelance job online also with my non-design work offline.

What and who are your main influences?

I’m not really influenced by specific artists but generally I admire the ones who have diversity in their works. I find that no matter how advanced you are, you can always find something worth to learn from everyone, even a beginner. It can be an idea or the color used. Now everything beautiful is my biggest inspiration and influence: a photo, a pose, music, a movie scene, a touching moment in the real life, etc…

What message do you express in your works?

I aspire to discover the beauty of this world and reflect it back on my art. Like many artists I love to depict woman beauty, read her inner thoughts and desires, put her in different situations and let the darkness inside her speak. Many times I let her be in her most freedom, see her happy in a beautiful and colorful world to dream and fly.

How do you see your work developing over the coming year?

I’m planning to learn and develop my digital painting skill . I hope it will bring a new stage in my journey and really hope it will happen the next year.

What tips would you give to new designers starting with Photomanipulations?

Do practice as much as you can and don’t be afraid to try something new. Learning about lighting, shadow, perspective from realistic photos definitely will help you to improve. Take your time to spend on and take care of minor details because they can do a big difference for your work. Find inspirations from other artists by learning the way they use colors, make lighting, add shadow, combine elements…Learn but not copy, practice and find your own way. Dream big and be ambitious in art. If you love something just don’t stop trying!

See more of Jenny’s work at by following her Facebook Page or her DeviantART profile