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Integrating Flash Animations – Inserting Animation Frames

Inserting Animation Frames

In this first example you’ll insert some Flash SWF files into a RoboDemo movie as animation frames to produce this example:

  1. In RoboDemo, open Example1_rd.rd, which you downloaded as part of the sample files archive.

    You’ll see that the movie consists of three slides labeled Slide 1, 4, and 5.

  2. Click the second slide and select Insert > Animation Frame. Navigate to and open Example1_a_complete.swf.

    The inserted “Welcome to RoboDemo” animation becomes slide 2. By default, animations play through once, which in this case takes five seconds. If you needed the animation to play longer, for example, if it looped and you wanted to play it twice, you could change the duration by right-clicking the animation and selecting Properties > Timing.

  3. Click the third slide and again select Insert > Animation Frame, then open Example1_b_complete.swf.

    The inserted animation becomes slide 3.

  4. Click the final slide and select Insert > Animation Frame, then open Example1_c_complete.swf.

    The inserted animation becomes slide 5.

  5. If you haven’t already, display the Filmstrip by selecting View > Filmstrip.
  6. In the Filmstrip, click and drag slide 5 down so it becomes slide 6.
  7. Now you can save the file (File > Save) and preview it (File > Preview).

Congratulations, you’ve taken a standard RoboDemo movie and added 3 simple animation frames to inject a little pizzazz.

Now you’ll have a look at adding animations onto the slides in our movies.