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Incorporating RoboDemo Movies into Online Help with RoboHelp

Macromedia RoboHelp is the premier tool for developing online Help in a variety of formats: FlashHelp, WebHelp, HTML Help, WinHelp, JavaHelp, and others. In addition to the mainstays of Help files, text, and images, many Help developers seek to incorporate multimedia content into their Help files, including Flash movies produced with Macromedia RoboDemo, Macromedia Flash MX, and other tools. This article focuses on ways to add RoboDemo Flash movies to HTML Help files for use on desktop PCs running Microsoft Windows 98 and later versions of the Windows operating system. The methods covered here are not the only ways to combine RoboDemo movies and HTML Help—RoboHelp is so versatile and user-friendly, one can find several other ways to bring the two together. However, the techniques discussed in this article will likely cover the needs of most Help developers.


To complete this tutorial you will need to install the following software and files:

Macromedia RoboDemo

Macromedia RoboHelp Office

Other Requirements:

  • You will need to use an existing HTML Help project
  • A basic working knowledge of RoboDemo and RoboHelp Office, Flash movies, and JavaScript