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InCopy CS2, a versatile editorial solution for InDesign CS2

InCopy CS2, a versatile editorial solution for InDesign CS2

By John Cruise for Layers Magazine

Ever been part of this nightmare? A deadline is looming. The clock is ticking. A designer is frantically adding the finishing touches to a layout. An even more frantic writer is waiting for the designer to finish so he can make last-minute story changes.

In many publishing workflows, once the text of a publication is placed into the page layout, anybody who wants to edit the text needs a copy of the page layout program and only one person at a time can work on the file. Working in serial like this brings the workflow to a crawl. Enter Adobe® InCopy® CS2.

InCopy CS2 is a dedicated writing and editing program designed for use with Adobe InDesign® CS2. It allows writers and editors to work on text while designers work on the layout in InDesign. The ability to work simultaneously on editorial and production tasks significantly reduces time to print and takes the nightmare out of production deadlines.