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Importing the RoboDemo SWF and HTML File as a Topic

Importing the RoboDemo SWF and HTML File as a Topic

An easy way to incorporate a RoboDemo movie into an HTML Help file is to bring the HTML page that was generated by RoboDemo along with the Flash movie directly into the project. To accomplish this task, follow these steps:

  1. Select File > Import > HTML File.
  2. Browse to the specific HTML file name in the Import File dialog box.
  3. Click the Open button to start the import process.

Be sure the SWF file is included in the Baggage Files folder in RoboHelp HTML, unless you inserted it as explained in the Including a RoboDemo Movie in a Topic section. RoboHelp makes the import process so easy that you do not need to copy the RoboDemo-generated HTML and SWF files into the project folder first. Using the Import File dialog box as described here will cause RoboHelp to copy not only the HTML file, but also the SWF file and any associated image, style sheet, and external JavaScript files, into the project folder, thus relieving you of the worry of possibly overlooking a file that needs to be included for the topic to display correctly.

Note: After creating the topics, but before you generate the project, you must still create the Table of Contents (TOC) separately. Follow these steps to generate a TOC:

  1. Click the TOC tab (bottom left pane).
  2. Select Auto-create TOC, which automatically creates the TOC based on topics you’ve created, or select Show Topics to manually select the topics for your TOC and drag them from the topic list pane over to the position in the TOC where you need them.