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Imported CGM files are smaller than expected (FrameMaker)

Imported CGM files are smaller than expected (FrameMaker)


When you import a CGM file into Adobe FrameMaker, the file is smaller than expected when it appears in FrameMaker.


You are using version 6.1.01 of ITEDO’s CGM Filter for FrameMaker. This is the default version of the filter installed with FrameMaker 7.2.


Do one of the following solutions:

Solution 1: Upgrade to FrameMaker 7.2p158 (Windows)or 7.2p156 (UNIX).

If you are using FrameMaker 7.2, download the update from the Adobe website at .

If you are using FrameMaker 7.1 or earlier, purchase FrameMaker 7.2 and then download the update:

— To purchase an upgrade from Adobe, visit the Adobe Store at , click Print Publishing, and choose FrameMaker.

— To locate an authorized reseller, visit the Adobe website at .

Solution 2: Update your filter.

You can download the latest version of the filter from the ITEDO website at: .

Background information

Version 6.1.01 of ITEDO’s CGM Filter for FrameMaker sometimes imports CGM files smaller than expected. This version of the filter is installed with FrameMaker 7.2, but it also could have been installed manually with FrameMaker 5.5 or later. Updating to the most recent filters solves the issue, as does upgrading to FrameMaker 7.2p158 (Windows) or 7.2p156 (UNIX).