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I'm ready to master my CD. How can I ensure consistent volume across tracks?

That’s easy! All you need to do is use the Group Waveform Normalize command in AdobeĀ® AuditionĀ® 1.5 before you master the CD. When you normalize a waveform, the loudest part of the waveform is set to a specified amplitude, thereby raising or lowering all other parts of the same waveform by the same amount. Group Waveform Normalize lets you normalize the volume of multiple open waveforms by using a three-screen batch process. If the volume is raised as part of the normalization process, Adobe Audition can apply limiting to prevent clipping.

To normalize your tracks:

  1. Choose Edit > Group Waveform Normalize.
  2. Select the open waveforms you want to normalize. Click to select a single file, Shift-click to select contiguous files, Ctrl-click to select noncontiguous files, and drag to select a group of files.
  3. Click the Analyze Loudness tab, and then click Scan For Statistical Information to display amplitude statistics for each waveform. Double-click a file in this list to see more detailed statistics, including an RMS histogram and a clipping profile.
  4. Click the Normalize tab, and specify how you want to normalize the waveforms.
  5. Click Run Normalize.