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How To Wrap Text Around a Graphic in PageMaker

The text wrap feature in Adobe PageMaker allows you to place graphics in a document and have the text wrap around that image without covering it (or being covered). A basic text wrap takes only a few clicks.

Here’s How:

  1. Place your graphic object on the page in the position where you want it. It may cover up part of the text, that’s OK.
  2. With your object selected, choose Element | Text wrap… from the menu bar.
  3. From the Text Wrap dialog box select the middle icon for Wrap option (the third icon is not available initially until you’ve customized the text wrap).
  4. Choose a Text flow: With Icon 1 text stops at the graphic then continues to next page or column. Icon 2 wraps text to top and bottom only. Icon 3 wraps text completely around in a rectangular wrap (until you modify it).
  5. If you know exactly how much space you want between text and object, make adjustments in the Standoff section, otherwise accept the default and click OK.
  6. If the text doesn’t wrap exactly the way you want grab one of the dotted lines representing the standoff area and pull it in closer to the object or further away until you get the text wrap effect you want.


    1. Select the ‘Wrap text on same layer only’ box if you don’t want to wrap text on other layers around the object.
    2. When placing a square/rectangular graphic between two columns of ragged right aligned text, use a slightly smaller standoff on the left side to visually balance the space around the object.
    3. Align the bottom of your graphic with the baseline of adjacent text.