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How to get an audio track from a CD

How to get an audio track from a CD 

Most CD Audio is copyrighted. Be sure you understand these copyright laws before copying audio from a CD.

Using Windows Media Player to Copy Audio

  1. Open Adobe Audition from either the Desktop Shortcut or the Start Menu

  2. From the Options menu bar item, choose “Start Default Windows CD Player

  3. When Windows Media Player loads, insert your CD and choose “Copy From CD

  4. If your CD Tracks are unknown, right click on any track and choose “Find Album Info” to download the track listing

  5. Check only the file(s) you wish to copy and then choose “Copy Music” from the upper-right menu

  6. Your audio has now been copied to your “My Documents My Music” folder in .WMA format

    If you are in the Center for Technology & Professional Development,
    this location is C:Documents and SettingsctpduserMy DocumentsMy Music