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How To Create a Bullet List in a PageMaker Document

A bullet list is a list of words, phrases, or sentences set apart with a simple bullet or numbers at the start of of each line. Bullet lists can help to set apart information or provide a list of steps to be taken to accomplish a task. Here’s how to use the bullets and numbering plug-in in Adobe PageMaker 6.5 for Windows.

Here’s How:

  1. With the text tool, highlight the lines to which you want to add bullets or numbers or put your cursor at the start of the first line (paragraph).
  2. Select Utilities | Plug-ins | Bullets and numbering… from the menu bar.
  3. In the Bullets and numbering dialog box select the style of bullet you want to use from the choices given or use the Edit button to select a different font or bullet or size for the bullet.
  4. If you want a numbered list instead of bullets, select the Numbers button. Choose a numbering style and specify the number range to use if you don’t want to start with number 1.
  5. f you highlight the text you want bulleted or numbered, choose Only selected paragraphs for the Range; otherwise, specify the number of paragraphs that you want bulleted.
  6. Select Ok to add your selected bullet or number style.


  1. Be consistent in your use of bullets. Too many different styles in a publication or mixed bullets in one list are confusing.
  2. Numbers are good for lists of tasks that are best done sequentially or to designate relative importance among items in the list.