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How do I print more than one image on the same page in Elements 1?

How do I print more than one image on the same page in Elements 1?

  1. [If you have Elements 2, use Picture Package.]
    Create a new document which is the same size as your printer’s maximum printable area. Usually, you can use a width of 7.8 inches, and a height of 10.4 (assuming you are using letter size paper). When you go to print, you may get a warning that some edges will be clipped, but it should be minimal.
  2. In the New Document dialog box, be sure background is set to white, and resolution is set to the same resolution as the images that you want to combine. If you don’t know your image’s resolution, open it, and choose Image > Resize > Image Size. Current resolution is at the bottom of that dialog box.
  3. Once you have created your new document, open the images that you want to print together, and either use Copy/Paste, or drag the images onto the new document with the move tool.
  4. Both pasting, and dragging will automatically create new layers for the added content. Use the move tool to reposition the separate images after they are both (all) on the new document. Be sure and select the layer you want to move before dragging with the move tool.
  5. Note that dragging images from one document to another drags the currently selected layer, only, so, if your image has more than one layer make a flattened copy, or use Select > All followed by Edit > Copy Merged and then Paste in the new document.