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How do I make the Frame effects in the Effects palette wider on large images?

How do I make the Frame effects in the Effects palette wider on large images?

  1. Open your (big) picture.
  2. Choose Image > Duplicate Image.
  3. With the duplicate document active, use Alt-backspace to fill with black. You want an entirely black document that starts as the same size as the picture you want to frame.
  4. Go to Image > Resize > Image Size. Where it says Document Size, change the menu units to Percent. Make sure Constrain Proportions is selected and also make sure Resample Image is selected. Pick a very small percent—depending on the size of your original. If it’s very big, make the resizing very small—25 % or even 10 %. Click OK.
  5. After using Resize, apply your frame effect. This only works for the frames that make a white border—the Strokes Frame, Spatter Frame, and Ripple Frame.
  6. With the frame applied, see if it’s of a satisfactory width. If the frame width is too large, Undo the Resize and then Resize again to a something larger like 50% and apply the effect again.
  7. Once you have the frame you want, go back into Image > Resize > Image size and restore the document to its original size. This means that if you made it 25 %, you’ll want to resize to 400 %. If you used 10 %, you’ll want to use 1000 %. If you picked something like 37 % for your first resize, it might be easier to use the original inch dimensions to restore the file size. Just make use Constrain Proportions and Resample are checked.
  8. Once resized, use the move tool to drag the frame back onto the original picture. Press the Shift key before dropping to center the layer. Change the
    layer blend mode of the frame layer to Screen.