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How do I add special characters such as ©, or ® to a picture in Elements?

How do I add special characters such as ©, or ® to a picture in Elements?

  1. (Windows only) Go to Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map. Look on the map to find the character you want. Click on it. Click the Select button, then click the Copy button.
  2. Go back to Elements. Open your picture. Click with the type tool on the image. Choose Edit > Paste. Note that you can go to Character Map when you already have your picture open and have clicked on the document with the type tool.
  3. If you want to avoid going to Character Map over and over again, go back to Character Map one more time and click on the character that you like to use. Look in the lower right corner of the Character Map dialog. You will see a Keystroke, for example, for the copyright symbol, you will see Keystroke: Alt + 0169. Memorize that or write it down. To add the copyright symbol, you need to press the modifier key (in this case Alt) and then, while holding down the modifier key, press the numbers given on your numerical keypad. Those are the numbers on the far right side of your keyboard, not the ones above your QWERTY letters.
  4. Mac users, I can’t help you much, though I understand that you should have keyboard shortcuts for special characters?