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How Do I …?

The following are text-only answers to questions about basic techniques. Clicking on a question will scroll you to the answer.

I will almost certainly be adding to this page as I think of, or am asked, more questions.

  • How do I make an unfilled (outlined) ellipse or rectangle?
  • How do I draw a straight line?
  • How do I draw a curved line?
  • How do I make a rounded rectangle?
  • How do I make an image print not in the center of the page?
  • How do I add a border to a picture?
  • How can I print a caption with my picture?
  • How can I print more than one image on the same sheet of paper in Elements 1?
  • How do I resize an image?
  • How can I change the resolution of a lot of images all at once?
  • How do I put one picture on top of or into another picture?
  • How do I make the Frame effects in the Effects palette wider on large images?
  • How do I add special characters such as ©, or ® to a picture in Elements?
  • How do I change the attributes (font size, or color) for multiple type layers?
  • How can I alter or correct the tones of only one part of an image?
  • How can I transform a selection outline (scale, widen, distort) without having to redraw it?
  • What file format should I use when saving my images (not for Web sites)?
  • What file format should I use for Web page graphics (Web only)?
  • How do I make a transparent GIF without halos?
  • How do I save a JPG (or GIF) for the Web with small file size but good quality?
  • How can I get the JPEG2000 plug-in that will allow me to save to that format from Elements?
  • Can I make a duotone, or sepia tone image in Elements?
  • How can I simulate Photoshop’s History brush when using Elements?
  • Is there any way to adjust the individual color channels in Elements?
  • Which should I use—adjustment layers, or the Enhance commands? They look like the same thing.