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Grouping Panels in Macromedia Studio MX: FreeHand 10

Grouping Panels in Macromedia Studio MX: FreeHand 10

The tabbed panels in FreeHand 10 (Macromedia Studio MX ) do not function as documented in the FreeHand 10 manual.
The following error message appears when attempting to drag a panel to another panel group.

Mac Drag Tab Error Message

Reason On May 2, 2002, a U.S. jury found that Adobe’s U.S. patent number 5,546,528 regarding tabbed palettes was valid and that certain Macromedia products infringed that patent. Macromedia has respectfully complied with the court’s rulings. In relation to Macromedia FreeHand 10 in the Macromedia Studio MX, we have taken steps to implement the ruling and changed features accordingly.

Solution Here are instructions on how to move a tabbed panel to another existing panel group or to a new panel group.

Note: When you add a tabbed panel to another panel group, the tab will always be the right-most tab.

To change the order of the tabs within a single panel, separate the tabs into individual new panel groups. Then adding them back to the original panel group one at a time, remembering to add the tabbed panels in order from left to right.

To move a tabbed panel to an existing panel group or to a new panel group do the following:

1 Select the tab to be moved. In this example the Document tab has been selected.

Select the panel Options menu located in the upper right corner of the panel group.

Windows panel Option menu
Mac panel Option menu

Select Group Document with, followed by the panel group (Windows) or panel (Macintosh) of choice. In this example, select Mixer and Tints (Windows) or Mixer (Macintosh).

Note: On Windows, only visible panel groups are available under the Group Document with menu. On Macintosh all panels are listed even if not visible.


Select New Panel group to add the panel to a new Panel group.

Windows content of Option menu
Mac content of Option menu
  In this example, the Document panel is now located in the panel group with Mixer and Tints (Windows) or Mixer (Macintosh).