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Gradient fills created in FreeHand appear banded on screen

Gradient fills created in FreeHand appear banded on screen


An object containing a gradient fill has distinct bands of color on screen instead of a smooth transition from one color to another.
Note: To view this TechNote set the Monitor above 256 color display.



Various monitor settings including color bit depth and screen resolution, FreeHand preference settings, and the preview mode in FreeHand 8 will effect the screen display of gradient fills.


To have gradient fills appear smooth on screen do one or more of the following:

  Monitor Resolution
On Multiple Resolution Monitors increase the Screen Resolution of the Monitor.

Monitor settings (Windows)


Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display.

2 Select the Settings Tab.
  Increase the Color Palette to a Higher setting.
  Increase the screen resolution in the Desktop area.
  Monitor settings (Macintosh)
1 Choose Apple Menu > Control Panel > Monitors.
2 Select Millions of Colors.
  FreeHand 8 Preferences and FreeHand 7
1 Choose File > Preferences > General and turn on Smoother editing.
  FreeHand 8 (Windows)
  FreeHand 8 (Macintosh)
  FreeHand 5 Preferences
1 Choose File > Preferences > Redraw and turn on Better (but slower) display.

  FreeHand 5 (Windows)

FreeHand 5/5.5 (Macintosh)

  FreeHand 8 View mode

Set the View mode pop-up at the bottom of the FreeHand Window to Preview.

Note: The Fast Preview mode will show the gradients at a lower resolution.