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Get Started with Dynamic Data in GoLive

Website designers and managers are finding they no longer need to be expert programmers to reap the benefits of a behind-the-scenes database. In Adobe GoLive 6.0, it’s a simple matter:

  • run a dynamic data wizard,
  • use a few drag-and-drop commands, and
  • understand some basics

…and you’re off and running with dynamic data.

This tutorial shows you how to do just that, using Adobe GoLive 6.0 in tandem with a simple Microsoft Access database.

Once you understand this process, you’ll find useful and interesting ways to modify it. We’ve used a similar database to drive an alumni directory for a university. Individuals can log in and dynamically update the information the school has on file for them. Similarly, any business with a set of known clients can let individuals view certain data and keep it current. The time it takes to master this technique is negligible when you consider that the university’s administrators, for example, no longer have to manually enter address or phone number changes for alumni.