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Gel Text

This Tutorial shows you how to make cool looking gel letters.

Step One.
Create a new image of any size, I choose 500×150 pixels.

Step Two.
Use the text tool, and type out the message you want on the image with a black color. The font I used for this tutorial is “Angryblue Controlled”, which comes in a pack with the “Angryblue” font.

Step Three.
Click the left click the layer on the layers palette and choose blending options and use these settings to make the green gel text that I am going to show you. You can change the colors to whatever color you like if you want.

Step Four.
Drop Shadow & Inner Shadow

Outer Glow

Inner Glow

Bevel and Emboss


Color Overlay

Step Five.
And you have just made your text into gel!


Gel text

This is a cool effect to make your text look like it’s made of gel.

1. Open a new document and fill the background with white. I will be using 500×250.

2. Make your foreground color a dark blue so your foreground and background now looks like this:

3. Next use the type tool to create your text.

4. In the layers palette, CTRL+Click on your text layer to put a selection around your text. Now create a new layer.

5. Next go to Select > Modify > Contract and enter 2.

Your text should now look like this:

6. Now fill the selected area with a light blue. Go to Edit > Fill > And select a light blue. Then hit Select > Deselect.

7. Now duplicate the light blue layer and go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur with a setting of 3 pixels.

8. One the light blue text layer, go to the layer blending options:

9. Now your text should look like this:

10. Click the eye on the background layer to make it invisible. Then go to Layer > Merge Visible.

11. Now go the the blending options for the merged layers and add a drop shadow with a 40% opacity.

You are now finished and your end result should look like this: