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FreeHand 10 compatibility with Mac OS X

FreeHand 10 and Mac OS X Interoperability
As the next generation Macintosh operating system, Mac OS X combines the power and openness of UNIX with the legendary ease of use and broad applications base of Macintosh. Apple built its landmark operating system—dubbed Darwin—upon a stable, open-source, UNIX-based foundation. Darwin features true memory protection, preemptive multitasking and “symmetric multiprocessing” for those using the dual processor Power Mac G4.

Led by Kevin Lynch, a team of Macromedia executives successfully presented our Mac OS X projects under development at the Macworld Expo in early 2001. While we cannot announce the exact dates for the rollout of our Mac OS X optimized products, we can confirm our commitment to the Macintosh platform and its next-generation operating system.

An additional feature of Mac OS X is its ability to run some applications in “classic mode.” This mode essentially allows users to run some of their existing programs in an environment similar to the prior Macintosh user interface. Macromedia FreeHand 10, expected to ship May 2001, will be available on the Mac OS X platform.