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Free Flash Game Ideas

Flash Game Ideas

Writers, filmmakers, musicians, painters and a lot of other artists have a tradition for gathering in clubs, where they discuss their work, and borrow and get inspired by each others ideas and visions.

In the indie game industry, however, it’s hard to find any clubs for game creation. Most game creators run solo with their own personal projects. This might have a negative influence on their creativity. ‘Indie’ is short for ‘independent’. This is because indie comics/movies/books/games don’t need to be a commercial success, and thus, the indie game developer is able to experiment and take chances. But, a lot of indie games do not utilize their independence. Instead, they are often imitations or even remakes of commercial games.

This is a bit sad, since the indie scene has a tradition of being the creative front-line; trying out things that are too unusual or risky for the overground, which is dependent on the commercial success of their product.

This page is no solution to this. But, it is a place where people can share their ideas and visions with others. A lot of people get ideas for games which they dont have the time/skill/ambition to create, but which are original and useable anyway. Even if you dont want to turn your game idea into a project yourself, it might be possible that someone else will. And, even if they dont, your input might trigger some brain cells for someone, who then gets another idea. In short, sharing your ideas won’t hurt!