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Free Abstract Wallpaper

Today we are going to do an abstract wallpaper. Maybe in tribal style, I already know. I’m going to do this using Photoshop CS and layer styles in it.

Now create a document and a layer.

Custom shapes can be used to create good patterns. You won’t have to draw them. So I’m going to use one of my many custom shapes.

The other good thing about custom shapes is that you can use them in any sizes.

I will proceed to layer styles at once.

And here we have it is green.

When you’re done you can rasterize the shape.

And make a copy of it.

Now use a filter no the top one.

Gaussian blur.

Yea, a little bit unexpected) but anyway looks quite normal.

I will also use twirl filter and some color adjustments.

Practice with different effects.

Just changing the layers can make beautiful changes.

Not switch of some effects on the bottom layer. I will switch Satin and Gradient overlay in the future.

And some color management.

I will use variations. Maybe the easiest color balance solution.

And a little bit color balance the image.

And here we have it. Tribal pattern application.

Or reversed:

Or reverse put to Hue with 84% opacity.